Voices From Exile: Los Otros Dreamers and Transnational Organizing

February 27, 2017 - 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Dr. Jill Anderson
Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall
The concept of deportation assumes that the State is "returning" someone to their home, as in "repatriation." However, the escalating numbers of deportations from the US have targeted people who have spent several years, if not decades here, and who have little connection to their birth countries. In these cases, deportation is indeed a "removal," a one-way "exile" from all one knows as home, family, and future. Jill Anderson will share first-person testimony by Mexican citizens living in exile in Mexico. Their voices speak from beyond the legal, political, and cultural (but not economic) silencing that twenty-first century deportation constructs. She will tell the story of the making of the book, Los Otros Dreamers, as a tool for cross-border solidarity-placing it in context of the history, as well as a present-day network, of cross-border organizing in the Americas. She will explore the dynamic ways that post-deportation identities, families, and struggles are evolving, as well as the new transnationalisms that are being born out of that struggle.Parking Available in Pickens Lot.

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