Screen/Society--Duke Global Health Film Festival--"Sacbé" + "Voices That Heal"

February 28, 2017 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
"Sacbé" is introduced by director Maruricio Andrada!; panel to follow
Film Screening: "Sacbé" (Mauricio Andrada & Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, 2017, 30 min, Mexico, in Spanish and Yucatec Maya w/ English subtitles, Color, Digital). LOCATION: Nelson Mandela Auditorium, FedEx Global Education Center, UNC-Chapel Hill. / The documentary follows a couple of these healers, Don Pedro and Doña Casilda in their return to the village from where they were taken. To reterritorialized means to start over, to find a place to be in the world as before. Now, a new clinic has been build on the directions of the Maya, a community gets together with their healers to reconnect, what is needed now is to start the health gardens and the network of the human and no-human to bring well-being to the community. / "Voices That Heal" (Heather Greer and Delia Ackerman, 2011, 45 min, Peru, in Spanish and Shipibo w/ English subtitles, Color, Digital) / "Voices That Heal" tells the story of Herlinda Augustin, a renowned Shipibo shaman, healer and medicine woman, and of her struggle to keep her traditions alive while facing the challenges of the modern world./ Trailer: / Panel Speakers: - David Boyd, Duke.Global Health Institute. Chair; - Irma Velasquez Nimatuj, Duke. Mellon Visiting Professor; - Susan Gaylord, UNC School of Medicine (TBC); - Mauricio Andrada, Filmmaker; - Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, Duke CLACS // Co-sponsored by the Spanish Language Program and the Institute for the Study of the Americas at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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