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Duke’s CLACS supports publications related to all aspects of Latin American and Caribbean Studies through the Latin America in Translation Series, through the Hispanic American Historical Review (HAHR), and through the Duke University Press.

With this support, CLACS aims to foster and disseminate scholarship on Latin American history, languages and cultures within and beyond the Duke community.

Recent Publications:

In association with ASP LLC, a local publishing house, CLACS is proud to present:


Sergio Sánchez Santamaría is the heir to the famous Taller de Gráfica Popular (TGP) in México. In the land of José Guadalupe Posada, Sánchez Santamaría carries on.
GRAPHIC IN TRANSIT responds to the question of how to sustain and actualize such a legacy in times in which art has moved away from image production and the socially engaging ways of the past.


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This volume presents the work of Sánchez Santamaría in a historical and critical context, next to some of the most important exponents of graphic art in Mexico and the U.S., among them, Leopoldo Méndez and Elizabeth Catlett. Text produced for the book by art critics, collectors, and fellow artists demonstrate the power of Sánchez Santamaría's art.