March 1, 2022

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting, says Duke philosopher and neuroscientist

flyer for Colombia: 5 Years of Peace

How can you help someone who cannot forgive to move on?

Memory and forgiveness can both coexist, said researcher Felipe De Brigard, the Fuchsberg-Levine Family Associate Professor of Philosophy and Neuroscience at Duke University.

De Brigard spoke about his work in the U.S. and Colombia in his talk “Perdon: To Forgive is to Remember… Differently” on Wednesday, Feb. 23, as part of the series Colombia: Five Years of Peace? in collaboration with Wednesdays at the Center. Continue to article...

March 31, 2022

What comes next in the Colombian Peace Agreement depends on whether promises are kept

Five years after the historic peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) the U.S. State Department has finally removed the guerilla group from its list of terrorist organizations, but peace in Colombia is not guaranteed, according to research by two Duke PhD students.
flyer for What Comes Next in the Colombian Peace Process

“What Comes Next in Colombia’s Peace Process?” was the question asked by political science PhD candidates Gabriella Levy and Mateo Villamizar-Chaparro at Wednesdays at the Center on Wednesday, March 23 as part of the series Colombia: 5 Years of Peace?
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