Our Mission

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CLACS Mission  

To create a supportive, intellectually stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for students, faculty and community members interested in the study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To bring together members of our local and worldwide community (K-16 schools, universities, scholars, artists, activists, civic organizations, etc.) in order to promote new ideas, research, and cultural awareness about Latin America and the Caribbean.

To prepare better educated citizens and future leaders who may work in fields related to Latin America and the Caribbean in academics, business, arts, government and many other careers.

We intend to fulfill this mission through:

  • Educational Activities (guest speakers; course development; visiting artists; outreach to local schools, businesses and media; service-learning opportunities; certificate programs; etc.)
  • Research Support (travel grants; conference awards; publications; conferences)
  • Creating Social Networks and Building Community (collaborations with other universities,student organizations and alumni; visiting professors; social events).