Our Mission

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CLACS Mission  

To sustain a supportive, intellectually stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for students, faculty and community members interested in the study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

CLACS Purpose

To prepare better-educated citizens and future leaders to work in fields related to Latin America and the Caribbean in academics, arts and culture, business, health, government and many other careers.


What does CLACS do?

  •  Supports Latin American and Caribbean research, teaching, and learning
  •  Brings Latin American and Caribbean scholars and practitioners to Duke University
  •  Supports and offers Latin American and Caribbean courses
  •  Offers undergraduate and graduate student certificates
  •  Promotes special fellowships, research travel awards, and conference travel grants in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  •  Organizes, sponsors, and co-sponsors talks and conferences on campus
  •  Collaborates with other universities, student organizations, alumni, and local schools
  •  Promotes the study of languages and cultures of the Americas