Latin America in Translation


Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução 

In the English-speaking world, Latin Americans are more often written about than read about. As a result, the educated public in the United States continues to learn most of what it does know about the region from Latin Americanists who are themselves foreigners to the national realities they study.

The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University has been involved in an effort to right this imbalance through its ongoing editorial project entitled Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução.

Latin America in Translation is a joint initiative of the UNC-CH and Duke Consortium, the Duke University Press (DUP), and the University of North Carolina Press (UNCP), and is directed by an editorial committee of faculty members and editors from the two universities and their presses. Since 1993, more than 40 books have been published in the series.

Visit the UNC-Duke Consortium website for complete information about the series, including instructions for submitting nominations to the series, and links to the lists of books published in the series by Duke University Press and UNC Press.