History of Mellon Visiting Professors

2018   Renzo Taddei, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil

2018   Jill Anderson, Director of the non-profit, Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA). Faculty Sponsor:  Liliana Paredes

2017   Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj, Anthropologist and Human Rights Activist from Guatemala. Faculty sponsor:  Diane Nelson

2016   Ildo Sauer, Energy expert from Brazil. Faculty sponsors:  Patrick Duddy and Dalia Patiño

2015   Patricia Northover, Economist from Jamaica. Faculty sponsor:  Michaeline Crichlow

2014   Maria Alejandra Vélez, Economist from Colombia, Faculty sponsor:  Alex Pfaff

2013   Edouard Duval Carrié, Artist from Haiti (based in Miami), Faculty sponsors:  Laurent Dubois and Deborah Jenson

2012   Alexandre Fortes, Labor Historian from Brazil, Faculty sponsor:  John French

2011   Catherine Walsh, Anthropologist based in Ecuador, Faculty sponsor:  Walter Mignolo

2010   Jean Casimir, former Haitian Ambassador to the US and Sociologist/Anthropologist, Faculty sponsors:  Laurent Dubois and Deborah Jenson

2009   Sergio Roberto de Oliveira, Composer from Brazil, Faculty sponsor:  Tom Moore

2008   Patricio Valdivieso, Political Scientist from Chile, Faculty sponsor:  Scott Morgenstern

2007   Matthew Smith, Historian from Jamaica, Faculty sponsor:  Michaeline Crichlow

2006   Sergio Berensztein, Political Scientist from Argentina, Faculty sponsor:  Karen Remmer

2005   Steve Ellner, Political Scientist based in Venezuela, Faculty sponsor:  John French

2004   Paulo Fontes, Labor Historian from Brazil, Faculty sponsor:  John French