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The Kuikuro Indigenous Filmmaking Collective and World Premiere of ITO

(Part of the 2-day Global Brazil Conference: Amazon Frontiers) Internationally recognized filmmaker Takumã is President of the Kuikuro Indigenous Association, and grew up in the Ipatse village within the Alto Xingu Indigenous Territory in Mato Grosso state, central Brazil. Trained through Brazil's well-known NGO program Video nas Aldeias (Video in the Villages), he has received international attention and acclaim for his films, including The Day the Moon Menstruated (2004), The Hyperwomen (2012) and Kariokas (2014). ITO (2018, ~20 mins.): ITO, the word for "fire" in the Carib language, is a documentary about forest fire prevention strategies in Brazil's Xingu Indigenous Reserve, focusing on indigenous knowledge about the history of fires in the Amazon and how fire risks have evolved along with dramatic changes to the forest. Sober and delicate, ITO shows that, through a dialogue between tradition, technology, and environmental conservation, that it is possible to prevent catastrophic forest fires.