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Haitian Film Series: Bridge the Gap - Haiti

Producer: BTG TV, LLC (2015) 52 min. In Bridge the Gap to Haiti, host and global explorer, Chris Bashinelli, travels the world to experience life outside of his hometown -Brooklyn, New York. In this episode he visits Haiti, a country rocked by a massive earthquake. His mission: to see how the human spirit prevails in the face of adversity. He partners with a local non-profit organization that works side by with locals to help rebuild Haiti. After volunteering in a displacement camp, he heads to the heart of downtown. In Port-au-Prince he samples Haitian cuisine, competes in a rap competition, and works with a celebrated metal artisan to create art out of trash. He discovers the harsh reality about survival in Haiti when he meets a sixteen-year-old prostitute who's found work near the now-collapsed capital building. Even in the pit of despair he meets a young boy with a mile-long smile, flying a kite made out of a garbage bag. From the Canaan displacement camp to the beating heart of Port-au-Prince, it's clear that in Haiti, the human spirit will not be broken.


Caribbean focus, Central America focus, Global, Human Rights, Movie/Film, Politics