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Global Career Week: Lessons Learned from Fieldwork in Madagascar

Have you ever dreamed of conducting international research? Are you curious about the realities of field work? Join us for an in-depth conversation with seasoned researchers who have spent decades navigating the complex landscape of Madagascar's field research scene. Forget romanticized narratives - this session dives into the details of: • Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange: How to build meaningful and equitable partnerships with local communities and experts. • Logistics & Bureaucracy: Demystifying the details, including permits, transportation, finances, and dealing with unexpected hurdles. • Safety & Security: Guidance on personal safety, risk management, and adapting to unfamiliar environments. • Power Dynamics & Ethics: Navigating structural hierarchies in conservation and promoting equitable research practices • Lessons Learned & Unforeseen Challenges: Real-world anecdotes and insights for aspiring field researchers. This is your chance to hear directly from the experts, ask your burning questions, and gain practical knowledge for navigating the challenges of field research. Come away with: • Concrete strategies for building successful research partnerships with local partners. • Practical tips for overcoming logistical and bureaucratic hurdles. • Insights into navigating power dynamics and promoting ethical research practices. • Real-world lessons from experienced field researchers. This workshop is intended for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in international research. Select More Event Information below to register in Handshake.


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