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Amazon Frontiers: Global Brazil Conference


Afukaka Kuikuro and Michael Heckenberger

The conference will focus on significant new socio-economic, political, cultural, and scientific developments taking place in the Amazon region. Speakers will include Amazonian indigenous leaders and filmmakers, an academic consultant for the Lost City of Z, and Brazilian and US experts from the natural sciences, social sciences, environmental studies, and public health who specialize in the Amazon region. 1. Biological and Geological Evolution of the Amazon Region, featuring Camila Ribas of the National Institute for Amazon Research in Manaus, Brazil and the American Museum of Natural History. 2. Keynote session with: Afukaka Kuikuro Paramount Chief of the Kuikuro Nation, Xingu Region; Takuma Kuikuro, indigenous filmmaker and President of the Kuikuro Nation; and Michael Heckenberger, anthropologist and consultant for The Lost City of Z


Brazil, Duke Brazil Initiative