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After DACA: The State of Migration Policy, U.S.-Mexico


Jill Anderson

Part of a two-day symposium in the Burning Issues in Latin America series hosted by the Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

The Trump administration has set March 5 as the day to begin phasing out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. The After DACA/ Más Allá de DACA symposium will use the milestone of the cancellation-and/or other developments that occur between now and March 1-as an opportunity to discuss humanitarian, legal, and policy issues related to DACA and other in-between statuses.

The forum will air these issues within a transnational context, primarily by examining Mexico but also by drawing parallels between dilemmas faced by DACA recipients and by those from Central America and Haiti who have been eligible for Temporary Protected Status. The symposium will feature scholars and analysts from Duke, the Migration Policy Institute, Americans for Immigrant Justice, Mexicans in Exile, Universidad de Veracruz, the New School, Durham Public Schools, and Otros Dreams en Acción; students-some with DACA status-from Duke and other universities in North Carolina and Mexico; and community advocates. Featuring speakers Jill Anderson, Mellon Visiting Professor CLACS; Adonia Simpson, AI Justice; Ariel Ruiz, Migration Policy Institute; Carlos Garrido,Instituto de Investigaciones Sociale;Carlos Spector, Mexicans in Exile; Rossy Antúnez, ODA; Ellen Holmes, Riverside High School; Li-Chen Chin, Intercultural Programs; Alexandra Delano, New School.


Mexico, Migration