Colombian artists reframe human rights through literature and cultural production

The contributors to a new book, "Embodied Enactments: Human Rights in Colombian Literature and Cultural Production," shared their work in a talk for Wednesdays at the Center at the John Hope Franklin Center on March 30, 2022. They explored the visions of several Colombian artists who seek to transmit the historical traumas of Colombia’s past through human rights narratives in various forms, attempting to inform the debates around the subjects of rights, truth and memory, remembrance and forgetting, and the construction of citizenship through solidarity and collective struggles for justice.

Editors Kevin Guerrieri (UC San Diego) and Carlos Gardeazabal-Bravo (Rhodes College) joined authors Daniel Coral (UC Davis), Carolina Sánchez (Rutgers), and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo (Duke University), in a presentation over Zoom as part of the series Colombia: 5 Years of Peace? The events reflected on the progress, or lack of such, that Colombia has made five years after the historic peace accords between the Colombian government and armed rebel groups.


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Book available now from Routledge.