Capoeira maculelê movement and music workshop

October 23, 2017 - 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm
The Ark
Master class in Maculelê (stick-fighting dance) led by Mestra Tisza (Tisza Coelho) and Mestre Cabello (Eldio Rolim), from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. They are internationally recognized performers and teachers of capoeira angola, a complex Afro-Brazilian movement, ritual and musical art form. They are also both accomplished musicians in the area of Afro-Brazilian percussion and samba. They spent a decade living in New York where they performed with Jorge Alabê, Tamango, Urban Tap, Batoto Yetu, DanceBrazil and founded their own company, Korimbatasamba. In 2004, they moved back to Brazil to open the Caobijubá Institute in Serra Grande, Bahia. The mission of the Institute is to offer cultural and educational activities that preserve and transmit Afro-Brazilian practices, including capoeira, samba, maracatu, maculelê, and instrument and craft making.

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