Burning Issues

The CLACS Burning Issues in Latin America Series features subjects of key relevance for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

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CLACS invites scholars and practitioners who are able to present a fair and complex view of the issue at stake and engage in conversation with our student, research, and faculty body as well as with the general public.

The Burning Issues in Latin America Series has a long tradition at CLACS and has covered issues related to politics, journalism, the environment, security and violence, energy, governance, etc.

Past events include:

Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos. Why Colombia? | January 16 & 17, 2020

Former Costa Rican president says progress of democracy is at risk in Central America | February 27, 2019

Crisis in the Andes: Why Venezuela is Different | March 6, 2019

Foreseeable Flight: How have U.S. and Central America created regions of displacement? | April 12, 2019

After DACA: Más allá de DACA | Más allá de la Deportation - Perspectives from the U.S. and Mexico | March 1 - 2, 2018 Conference 

A Conversation with Simon Romero (New York Times) | November 20, 2016

Journalism in a Crossroads: Latin America and Beyond | February 23, 2016

Current Events: