Students doing research in rainforest

Duke's Global Education Office (GEO) offers summer programs to undergraduate students and approves students to travel on programs sponsored by other universities and providers. GEO works to enhance students' cultural awareness and appreciation in the region of interest, as well as providing a multicultural educational experience.

Duke Sponsored Programs

Summer Programs
  • Duke in Brazil: a four-week, one-course program based in Rio de Janeiro and Belem. Focuses on social issues in Rio de Janeiro and environmental issues in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Duke in Costa Rica: a four-week, one-course summer program based in Heredia. Focuses on community health issues in Costa Rica.

Duke Approved Programs

Duke has also approved certain study abroad programs offered through other educational institutions to which students may apply. Duke-approved programs are available in Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. A map search can help you find Duke-approved programs in your country of interest.