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Global Brazil course coming in Spring 2014

What do you know about the world's 5th largest country?

Did you know it has:

The 5th highest population?
The 6th largest economy?
The 2nd largest black population?
That it speaks the world's 6th-most-spoken language?

Brazil is an emerging economic power, site of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, a front line in the struggle for conservation and sustainability, and a leader in innovative social policies. Yet few Americans know much about the world’s fifth-largest country (with the world’s second-largest black population) beyond iconic images of soccer, Carnaval, and rainforests. This survey explores the history and culture of this fascinating country from 1500 to the present, focusing on themes like slavery and race, regional cleavages, authoritarian rule, social inequality, and the halting attempts to expand access to prosperity and political power.

Global History (HIS 328)
Tues/Thurs 10:05-11:20 am
Crowell 108
Areas of Knowledge: CZ, SS
Modes of Inquiry: CZ

Instructor: Bryan Pitts

Bryan Pitts is Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke, where he is studing and teaching Latin American history, with a focus on 20th century Brazil. His book project offers a new understanding of the fall of Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship, as he explores how shifts in elite political culture and dispositions, alongside the already-recognized contributions of social movements and the military itself, contributed decisively to the regime's weakening and eventual collapse. He also studies violence, honor, and masculinity in Brazilian political culture; representations of blackness in Brazilian gay media; and gay Brazilian tourists' exoticization and commodification of whiteness. 

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