13 Exchange Grants to Brazil Awarded

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With funding from the Office of Global Strategies and Programs, the Duke Brazil Initiative was able to fund 13 exchange grants to send faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates to Brazil this summer to start collaborative projects with reserachers from a variety of fields and universities. In the second year of the DBI, we hope to bring Brazilian counterparts back to Duke to work with our scholars and students, participate in classroom activities, and hopefully apply for larger research grants in the together in the near future. 

2014 Grants Recipients:

Gabara, Esther Art, ArtHst, Visual Art and ROMST Evolution of pop art in Brazil  
Pan, William   NSOE and GHI Health and socioeconomic issues in Espiritu Santo
Patino, Dalia NSOE Reducing impact of climat change on electrical energy 
Davidson, Christina History Higher education and the digital divide 
Herrera-Garcia,Diego NSOE The impact of protected areas on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. 
Marini, Candela ROMST 19th century photography and travel literature
Morrison, Brandon EOS The sustainability of sugarcane aarvesting and utilization  
Thomas, Kate Biology The visual ecology of bioluminescent Brazilian railroad worms
Deal, Kaley PUBPOL/CLACS Social protest and income inequality, public education, police brutality
DEID (team project) DEID group project Rainwater collection systems in Santa Rita, Paraiba
Igne-Bianchi,Jonathan PUBPOL/ICS Biodynamic farming
Kragie, Andrew PUBPOL/POLSCI/CLACS Brazilian politics and democracy post Lula
Mauro, Kevin & Rand, Kyle BSE/Neuro/Chem Spinal cord stimulation to address Parkinson's disease at SAFRA neuroscience lab
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