William Pan's Bass Connections Trip to the Peruvian Amazon

Global environmental health professor William Pan had the opportunity to lead a group of three undergraduate and four graduate students on a Bass Connections trip to the Peruvian Amazon. The trip began with a month of on-site training from United States Navy on essential research skills—such as how to collect field samples and conduct medical trials on site—and was followed by a six-week boat trip on the Amazon. The boat trip allowed the team to visit 15 river communities, where the students observed the impact of heavy metal contamination and emerging infectious diseases in the area. Among the health issues that students saw were poor dental care and hygiene in local communities, lack of medical assistance, and rapid growth of shantytowns on the banks of the river. The students also had the opportunity to assist the local communities with their medical knowledge. Pan noted that a key part of the trip was its integration of students from different academic levels, which was facilitated by the Bass Connections program. 

    • William Pan
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