Patricia Northover 

Spring 2015 Mellon Visiting Professor

Patricia Northover is a Senior Fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES, UWI, Mona, Jamaica), specializing in Development studies. She currently serves as the chair of an interdisciplinary and international research cluster that focuses on issues such as Globalization and Agrarian Change; The Political Economy of Sugar and Change; Poverty, Gender and rural development policy; Climate change, vulnerability and rural resilience, see  Dr. Northover completed her first post-graduate degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she received Bsc in Economics and Management, First Class Honors and the MSc in Social Sciences, at the Consortium Graduate school. She went on to receive her doctorate in economics and philosophy at the University of Cambridge. She has been a Fellow of Girton College at the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Fellow at Duke University with the Race, Space and Place project. Northover is the author and co-author of several articles in the philosophy of economics and Caribbean development, published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Cultural Dynamics, Caribbean Dialogue and Social and Economic Studies. She has published with Michaeline Crichlow, Globalization and the Post-Creole Imagination: Notes on Fleeing the Plantation. Durham: Duke University Press, 2009. Her forthcoming book is, Growth Theory: Critical Philosophical Perspectives (Routledge).

Dr. Northover will offer two courses for the Spring 2015 semester. The first, Surviving Globalization: Caribbean Spaces and the Development Imaginary, is open to both undergraduate and graduate level students. The second course, Consuming Power and Place: Sugar Circuits and Visual Cultures in the Caribbean, is restricted to graduate level students. Both classes will be taught in English. See course descriptions below:

  • Surviving Globalization: Caribbean Spaces and the Development Imaginary

    Wednesday 4:40pm to 7:10pm location TBD (East Campus)

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  • Consuming Power and Place: Sugar Circuits and Visual Cultures in the Caribbean
  • LATAMER 790S/AAAS 890S.01/CULANTH 790S.01/SOCIOL 790S.03/LIT 890S.01

    Monday 4:40pm to 7:10pm Franklin Center 230/232

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About the Mellon Visiting Professorship

Funding from an endowment from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation allows the Duke Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies to host visiting professors from Latin America and the Caribbean on a regular basis.

The consistent presence of visiting professors and artists from Latin America and the Caribbean serves to strengthen our course offerings (especially for undergraduates), stimulate international and interdisciplinary collaboration, and enhance our visibility as an outstanding center for research and teaching about the region. In particular, this program enables CLACS to establish enduring intellectual and institutional partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean. It helps us to establish new relationships and strengthen existing ones as part of ongoing exchanges with institutions of excellence in higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    • Patricia Northover


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