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​CLACS supports student and faculty research in Latin American and Caribbean studies and promotes dissemination of knowledge about the region.

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Ambassador Duddy provides update on Venezuela post-chavez

Patrick Duddy writes an update on the deterioration of Venezuela in the year since the death of Hugo Chávez for the Council of American Ambassadors. Continue to article.
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Laurent Dubois muses on the death of Jean-Claude Duvalier

"According to the Human Rights Watch lawyer Reed Brody, who worked on the case, 'Duvalier’s death robs Haiti of what could have been the most important human-rights trial in its history.'"…
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The Forgotten Farmworkers By ANITA RAO & FRANK STASIO. For THE STATE OF THINGS. 91.5FM WUNC. OCT. 8, 2014 From 1942-1964 about five million Mexican guest workers were brought to…
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2014 NC Latin American Film Festival Begins

This year the festival focuses on the way music/rhythm is intertwined within the social, cultural, and historical constructions of the region. Sound-scapes and rhythm-scapes that represent the joys and sorrows and…

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